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Smart Idea! Pre Purchase Home Plumbing Inspections

Many of today’s home buyers have a home inspection done prior to closing a house purchase in the Atlanta area. Smart Idea! But although home inspectors do a good overall job they miss many plumbing issues because they are not pipe inspectors. Most home inspectors are just looking for rotten woods or fixtures that don’t [...]

Smart Idea! Pre Purchase Home Plumbing Inspections2017-05-30T15:50:54+00:00

Sunburst offers French Drain Cleaning

Underground Drain Cleaning All homes have underground drains carry rainwater away from the driveways, French drains, gutter’s drains and downspouts, drains under driveways, under walkways and patios and other areas. Most residential structures have at least one or two underground drains; some have as many as 12 to 15. Most homeowners overlook the underground drains [...]

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The Truth about HOA trash can violations

Almost all HOA management companies have a regular community inspection schedule as part of their management duties when caring for a property.  Every community is different and so are the governing covenant documents as well.  Out of all of the restrictive covenants that we help our communities enforce, it seems one stands out amongst as [...]

The Truth about HOA trash can violations2017-05-30T15:50:54+00:00

5 Essential Spring Home Improvement Projects

(BPT) - The arrival of spring means new beginnings and a fresh chance to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off for the last several months. Get your home ready for summer and make it more beautiful, efficient and functional than ever with these five seasonal projects.

Keep, donate or trash.

Your first step is to declutter the home. Separate items into three categories: keep, donate or trash. Here's a tip: if you haven’t used something in the last year, chances are you can get rid of it. Items such as unwanted electronics, housewares and gently used clothing can be donated to charity. For everything else, check with your local recycling program before putting anything in the garbage.

Get serious about spring cleaning.

Give your home a fresh start by wiping down windows, countertops, electronics, appliances, doorknobs, furniture, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Also, be sure to mop floors and vacuum carpet. Never cleaned windows before? Find out how with our free guide.

Bring your deck back to life.

We think winter is hard on us, but just imagine how hard it is on our decks, which weather the bitter cold temperatures, snow and ice all season long. Take a close look at your deck and check for warped, loose or splintered boards. Sweep away anything that may have fallen between the cracks, make any needed repairs, scrub or power wash, and restain if necessary.

Do a color refresh.

Whether you’re adding a fresh coat of paint to your interior or exterior walls, or completely changing the colors of your home, spring is the perfect time to renew your home’s look. One 2016 color trend: bold entry doors like those from Pella.  and pick out your new, colorful front door.

Bloom where you are planted.

Whether you are a homeowner, renter or sublessee, celebrate the end of winter by creating spaces for bright flowers and making the most of your garden. Apartment dwellers, bring the outdoors in with hanging baskets, potted plants or herbs.

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American companies embrace a sustainable future

Meeting in Paris, delegates from 195 nations ended 2015 by reaching a landmark agreement to make significant efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The historic pact represents a global effort to curb climate change and a move toward widespread investment in zero-carbon energy sources and other sustainable practices. Many saw the Paris climate deal as [...]

American companies embrace a sustainable future2017-05-30T15:51:12+00:00

Getting an early start on Spring home improvement

As soon as the first morning frost appears and the first snowflakes start to pile up, many begin looking forward to spring home improvement projects. Images of green leaves, red and orange blossoms, fresh vegetables and herbs help keep the cold winter days manageable as you wait for the ground to thaw so you can [...]

Getting an early start on Spring home improvement2017-05-30T15:51:13+00:00