Many of today’s home buyers have a home inspection done prior to closing a house purchase in the Atlanta area. Smart Idea! But although home inspectors do a good overall job they miss many plumbing issues because they are not pipe inspectors. Most home inspectors are just looking for rotten woods or fixtures that don’t work properly, things that are broken. They don’t have the equipment to check the plumbing pipes of one of the largest investments Your New Home.

video camera inspection

For instance 1 1/2″ pipe was common for washing machine drains in the past but today’s modern washers put out more gallons per minute on the drain recycle and will overwhelm the smaller line. Also the pipe material itself has changed from steel to plastic, and steel can rust inside slowing the drain even more. This is just one example, the side sewer line from the home needs to be looked at as well many times it is overlooked and many a new home owner has found themselves with a total replacement needed to the tune of $20K when a sewer camera inspection could have saved them the surprise.

We recommend a complete plumbing inspection on the home not only the drains but the water supply lines as well. We will camera the sewer line and make a dvd for the customer to use as evidence of it’s condition. We inspect all the smaller lines tubs,sinks,showers etc. We have seen lately in Atlanta area that sellers are actually painting the drain pipes black to make them seem new or newer, to disguise the rust that showed they where failing. We offer just doing the sewer line or the whole house your choice!

 Call Sunburst Environmental for a complete video inspection of the pipes and drains in your new home before you buy.