With the insect-bourne diseases on the rise, there has been quite a bit of talk about trash can cleaning lately. While it’s a widely done chore in countries like the UK and Australia, the trash bin cleaning process is fairly new in the US. To bring this service to our US customers here at home, we’ve designed a self-contained cleaning system that once mounted on our trucks allows us to come to your location, clean your trash cans on-site and never leave garbage or contaminated water on your property.

Not surprisingly, our first clients to subscribe had lived in either the UK, other European countries and even as far away as Australia. They were glad to see we were offering this much needed yet overlooked service here in Georgia.  Yet still, there are many residents who have yet to see or have heard about Sunburst Bin Cleaning and that you can order this type of service.

To help spread the word and let our visitors see what we do, we’ve launched a new video showing Sunburst trash bin cleaning in Action! Why not take a look and you’ll see why so many Georgia residents are subscribing to get their trash cans cleaned!